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    City of Pico Rivera Management

1.How a successful golf course can contribute to a community.

  • Reduction of crime
  • Park-like green belt
  • Lights on until 10:00 PM, reducing mischief
  • Improves value of neighboring homes
  • Introducing the game of golf
  • Unites families- kids to parents to grandparents
  • Keeps kids off streets and computers
  • Players can use the driving range unitl 10:00pm
  • Banquet room becomes a place to gather
  • Open every day, 6:00 AM-10:00 PM- easy accessibility, no restrictions
  • Weddings,Quinceaneras, Baby Showers Bridal Showers - co-ed too! Funeral receptions/Celebrations of Life
  • Free meeting room for
  • Scholarship and youth sports organization fund raisers
  • Chamber of Commerce mixers
  • Public meetings and Conferences
  • Neighborhood Watch meetings

2.How a city with the right management and focus can grow the game of golf.

  • Introducing the game through Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Treating golf like all other sports
  • No cost to kids, reduced adult and senior rates exposes all walks of life to the game
  • Lesson programs- "Golf the Easy Way", SCGA Junior / FOG
  • Challenging other municipalities to make their courses more accessible to its’ community

3.Bringing out the best of private and public sectors.

  • “The benevolence of a public entity with the efficiency of a private company.”
  • Pico is an example of how a city eliminated the financial losses of a course, but yet retained and even improved the benefits to its citizens.
  • Teaming up with the right partner and creating a contractual relationship that allows for both profit and community benefit- vision of the City Council
  • Both sides must be willing to reduce their financial expectations for the betterment of the community.
  • Increased tax dollars go directly back to the city/ creation of jobs

4.Growing Latino golf

  • SCGA Junior program’s Hispanic participation indicative of a need being fulfilled
  • Important to the game of golf’s long term health- fastest growing population in the U.S.
  • Latinos are close knit families that need an affordable outlet for recreation for the entire family - why not golf?
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